ParaWomen SCREAM Radio- Amy Speaks with Author Jo Lynne Valerie

Posted by parawomen on Friday, 12 of March , 2010 at 10:21 pm

Amy speaks to Jo Lynne Valerie! Jo Lynne is an Author(she just finished her first book  ‘A Tale For All Seasons’), she is the former Editor in Chief of both a holistic and metaphysical publication, and has both co-hosted a television show and reviewed books professionally. She is a spiritual woman who does not do anything unless she can do it well – usually in heels. (Original Air Date: 10/29/2009)

Music by:

Kristen Lawrence- Dark Glass

Vincent Price- Tale of the White Dove

Serena Mathews- Moon Hanging Low

Titler and the D-Cups-The UFO Song


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